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Welcome Vendors

Leland Management is thankful to the various vendors that have serviced our managed communities over the years.
Leland Management has a fiduciary responsibility to properly screen all vendors prior to authorizing service requests and bidding out contracts. In order to fulfill this responsibility, Leland Management has signed up with a 3rd party vendor compliance firm named VIVE.


VIVE specializes in certifying vendors in the community management industry. Registration is required for all vendors to continue a relationship with Leland Management. The registration process is streamlined and easy, taking less than 15 minutes and comes with a nominal annual fee.

Vendor Benefits to Registering with VIVE!


Equal Treatment

Simple, Fast, & Easy

What's required for registration?

Corporate Information

Trade & License Information

Insurance Information

Completed W-9 & Vendor Agreement

Pay Annual Fee

Leland Management Employee Shaking Hands with Young Professional

Register with VIVE today!

VIVE is the most effective risk management tool for vendor compliance in the industry today. VIVE offers vendors within our network many additional features that assist in working more efficiently with management companies and will help grow your business. Registration is fast and easy! Click the button below to get started!